TELETRANS addresses to telecom operators and Internet service providers, by offering a  broad supply of communications services at a high quality level, implemented on  infrastructure based on optical fiber and last generation equipments.

One of the most competitive markets in Romania is the telecommunication market, which can be defined by the following main directions:

  • it is a free market with a high number of competitors
  • due to its dynamics, it offers a high business potential to the companies
  • it envolves a convergent technological evolution towards IP platforms and integrated services

We understand the needs that are facing the telecommunication operators:

  • IP based broadband services
  • broad coverage
  • high SLA
  • services accesibility
  • provider support services,

therefore, we want to deliver the best quality services to our clients. To that effect, TELETRANS offer includes:

  • Own national coverage, 5000 km OPGW fiber optics
  • Significant network coverage with access points in more than 100 locations
  • Cross-border connections with Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia
  • High capacity data transfer services over a DWDM & IP/ MPLS network
  • Measured technology, seamless implemented solutions
  • Unique technical management and support services (reception, monitoring and solving incidents throughout Call Center, specialized intervention staff trained to resolve the technical issues 24h/24h etc.)
  • Ring-like redundant topology
  • Secure and redundantly supplied collocation locations